Allan Tan

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Allan Tan

Allan was trained in The Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts where he graduated in 1992 with a Diploma in Graphic Design.

Armed with a wide range of experience from Art Director of independent publications to design houses, he pursued his passion in creative design as well as Fine Arts.

In 2001, he started an art studio where he could indulge his desire to pursue both facets of art.

Focusing mainly in abstract till 2011 when he welcomed his first child, and began working on his new exclusive series “PORTRAIT OF JOY” “哈寶”.

The creation is inspired by the purity and innocence of giggling baby expressing a joy that is as wonderful as it is natural.

He had always loved animals more than children. Which was why he was surprised that a simple hug from his nephew at the age of 42 touched his heart so much. As such, his painting is the combination of his cheerful personality & the giggling baby. With the exaggeration of the wide-open laughing mouth, he hopes people can still hear and recall the pureness of a baby. He enjoys looking at big and round shapes as he believes in the fullness.


Selected Exhibitions

  • 2014-2015: Supply & customize paintings to Interior design firm and architecture firm.
  • 2015: March, exhibition at Changi Expo
  • 2015:  April, participating on Affordable Art Fair SG50 Wall
  • 2015: “Heritage” Exhibition, Art Front Gallery, Singapore


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