Chetsadakon Daengaram


Chetsadakon Daengaram

In these days, technology plays an important role for modern human’s life, they get news and entertainments in various way to response their unlimited needs. We can say that technology have become a part of people life. “Virtual world” was created from information society, as we can see it in multimedia, films, video games, and online society which induce people to watch it and feel it through their senses and enchanted by its realistic which brings them to a magical illusion as the result of its exciting motion pictures and sound. People may keep their memories inside their subconscious mind, the memories in their virtual world and memories in their real life may mixed up and become a new illusion.

The picture was created from the computer’s synthesized light. The impact between human and their passion was linked to an artistic processes such as visual elements, line, colour, weight and shape. The artist uses “Op Art” to create the impact and splash to glittering sparks, and uses ‘shapes’ to create explosion.


  • 2012: The 29th Exhibition of Contemporary Art by Young Artists
  • 2012:The 7th National Youth and Juvenile Art Exhibition by Bunditpatanasilpa Institute
  • 2011: The 13th Panasonic Contemporary Painting Competition
  • 2011: The 28th Exhibition of Contemporary Art by Young Artists

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