Kim Min-Kyoung


Kim Min-Kyoung


Kim Min-Kyoung’s ‘Camouflaged selves’ brings up an inquiry on one’s own identity within the image of modern-day people, who live on while continuously changing their images with exaggeration and camouflage. Using playful, brightly colored hair and masks from molded plastic and fabric to adorn her gray expressionless figures, Kim attempts to comment on the different ways in which we portray ourselves in different situations while playing the games of modern society.


Solo Exhibitions

  • 2013: Camouflage: The Hidden Beauty, Art Front Gallery Singapore
  • 2012: 4th Solo Exhibition, Gallery Jinsun, Seoul
  • 2011:  Camouflaged selves, Insa art center, Seoul
  • 2010: Camouflaged selves, Gallery LEEAHN, Changwon
  • 2008:  Camouflaged selves, Shinhan gallery, Seoul

Group Exhibitions

  • 2016: Affordable Art Fair, F1 Pit Building, Art Front Gallery, Singapore
  • 2016: Singapore Contemporary Art Show, Suntec City Convention Centre, Art Front Gallery, Singapore
  • 2015: Affordable Art Fair, F1 Pit Building, Art Front Gallery, Singapore
  • 2015: “Young Art Taipei”,Sheraton Grande Taipei 9F, Art Front Gallery, Taiwan
  • 2014: Singapore Art Fair 2014, Art Front Gallery, Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore
  • 2014:  Art Expo Malaysia, Art Front Gallery, Matrade Exhibition & Convention Centre, Malaysia
  • 2014:  “Art Bazaar Jakarta”, The RITZ-CARLTON Jakarta, Indonesia
  • 2012:  Art of the arts 2012, Gallery K.ark, Seoul
  • 2012:  Javier & Kim Minkyoung, Gallery Acube, Seoul
  • 2012:  Leaders of Korea, Kukmin Ilbo Gallery, Seoul
  • 2012:  Cutting Edge, Seoul Action, Seoul
  • 2012:  Visual Placebo, Gallery, Seoul
  • 2012:  Adagio non molto, Eon gallery, Seoul
  • 2012:  The Blue Wind, Young Artist Collection, Gallery Jinsun, Seoul Interalia, Seoul
  • 2011:  Art & commerce, Gallery K, Seoul
  • 2011:  Ark of the arts, Gallery K.ark, Seoul Faces, 63 Sky Art gallery, Seoul Fun&Toy, Kana Art Gallery, Pusan
  • 2011:  Shadow of Your Smile, Eon Gallery, Seoul
  • 2011:  Naturalness, Lina gallery, Seoul
  • 2011:  A Fresh Breeze, Young Artist Collection, Gallery Jinsun, Seoul
  • 2010: Byul Collection Now, Curated by Byul Collection, Sinsa Art Tower, Seoul
  • 2010: Flow of Korea Contemporary Art – POPART, Gimhae Arts and Sports Center Five Senses, Gallery Curio Mook, Seoul
  • 2010: ARTEO Exhibition, It Shows Knee, Eve Gallery, Seoul
  • 2010: Lovely Sorrow, Eon Gallery, Seoul
  • 2010: Sun Gallery 33rd Anniversary Exhibition, The more The better, Sun Gallery, Seoul Attention Please!, Young Artist Collection, Gallery Jinsun, Seoul
  • 2009: The Trace of Imagination, Miso Gallery, Seoul
  • 2009: REVO KOREA 09, Kring, Seoul
  • 2009: TELE.BRIDGE 09, Television 12, Seoul
  • 2009: IYAP 09, Against interpretation, Interalia, Seoul
  • 2009: Desire and Restriction, Gallery LEEAHN, Daegu
  • 2009: The unsettled fascination, Alternative Space Chung Jeong Gak, Seoul interlunar, Gate gallery, Seoul
  • 2009: Play with Art II, Gallery H, Seoul
  • 2009: Smile, smile, smile, Godo Gallery, Seoul
  • 2008: 10-sculptor, Kosa gallery, Seoul
  • 2008: Korea in the House, Buro Dijkstra Private Viewing Space Amsterdam, Nederlands
  • 2007: 37 31′ N 126 58′ E Seoul, Archeus Gallery, London, England
  • 2007:Animal in art, Seongnam Arts Cente, Seongnam
  • 2007: Spring Up, Gallery skape, Seoul

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