Kisoo Kwon


Kisoo Kwon

Born in Young-ju, Korea 1972 and based in Seoul.

Kwon Ki-soo works in a wide range of media, including painting, sculpture and video. He is primari­ly known for his creation of Dongguri, a character that frequently appears in his work. The hu­man-shaped figure formed by symbolized and purified black lines, is a mechanic and simplified image and thought of modernization full of metaphor. Nowadays Dongguri has become a popu­lar worldwide new vocabulary. “You are so Dongguriris almost an pronoun of happy, consider­ate, and warm. Everyone wants to be Dongguri, and could become Dongguri, to bring the shin­ing smile and energy to himself, as well as to others. Furthermore, Dongguri is always accompa­nied with highly colorful background. In the fantasia forest the straight bamboos like fireworks draw the colors of various emotions; simplicity contains rich colors; the similar-shaped flowers in dif­ferent sizes animate the variations and layers in the space. In the uncomplicated structure there is a vivid but still elegant profundity. Through Dongguri, Kwon Kisoo well presents his life philosophy of “profound simplicity”. He hopes to makes everyone smile while seeing Dongguri.

Selected Exhibitions

  • 2008: Who’s Dongguri? (Metaphysical Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan)
  • 2008: 4 Seasons (Parkryusook Gallery, Seoul)
  • 2008: (Ewha Womans University Museum, Seoul)
  • 2008: Larger than Life Art Gallery – iGoogle artist campaign (New York, US) -An Island 649-11 (LIG Art Hall, Seoul)
  • 2007:  Giants in Illusion (Seajong art center, Seoul, Korea)
  • 2007:  The blooming day in a Museum (Gongju National Museum, Gongju)
  • 2007:  3rd Life 4th Dimension Animamix (Sun Yat-Set Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan) – One Fine Spring Day (Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju, Korea)
  • 2007:  Child at Heart: Purity in Innocence in Korean Art
  • 2006:  Black Forest (Artpark Gallery,Seoul)
  • 2006:  Power of imagination (Korea University Museum, Seoul)
  • 2006:   Fiction A Love (Singapore Art Museum, Singapore)
  • 2006:  Who are you (Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul)
  • 2006:   Living Furniture’-Busan biennial(Busan, Korea)
  • 2006:   On-go-e-g-shin (Daejeon Municipal Museum of Art, Daejeon)
  • 2006:   The 5th Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (Queensland Art Gallery, Australia)
  • 2006:   Exposition Animanga-EXIT and VIA’s international Festivals (Creteil/Maubeuge, France)
  • 2006:   Another Home (Cais Gallery, Hong Kong)

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