Koeh Sia Yong


Koeh Sia Yong  (b. 1938)

To “reflect reality and preserve history” are Koeh Sia Yong’s words when asked about his artistic motivation. As a second generation artist who both witnessed and took part in Singapore’s early nation building, Koeh left traces of that era in his early works as both a witness and participant, his early works provide a gleam into an alternative history of Singapore.

Koeh Sia Yong (b. 1938) graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 1958. Being a diverse artist in terms of choice of painting subject and medium, Koeh’s work is an honest reflection of the changes that took place within his inner self as he progresses through life. His dense, formal and heavy style in the nineties is replaced by a livelier and more vibrant choice of colour. Either way, Koeh’s works always represent something larger than itself.

Koeh’s works are highly sought after by collectors which include the Singapore Art Museum, National Museum of Singapore, United Overseas Bank Group, Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation etc. As an acclaimed second generation Singaporean Artist, he has 8 solo exhibitions to date, and invited to participate in numerous international exhibitions.


Solo Exhibitions

  • 2013    FIFTY – Dedication to Art by Koeh Sia Yong, Heng Artland
  • 2011    The Lingering Glamour – Oil Paintings by Koeh Sia Yong, Heng Artland
  • 2011    Koeh Sia Yong Solo Oil Exhibition , Art D’crane International
  • 2003    Serenading the Romantic Landscape of Sentosa, Sentosa Artists’ Village, Singapore
  • 2002    Reminiscing Singapore Scenes, Tanjong Pagar C.C., Singapore
  • 1995    A Mirror of Our Times, A Story in Cartoon Exhibition, Riverwalk Galleria, Singapore
  • 1994    Sound of Nature Oil Painting Exhibition, Takashimaya Art Gallery, Singapore
  • 1994    Love of Bali Oil Painting Exhibition, Substation Exhibition Hall, Singapore
  • 1993    Ancient Path, exhibited at Empress Place Museum, Singapore
  • 1992    Paris Scenes, exhibited at Mandarin Marina, Singapore
  • 1992    Window on Asia, exhibited at Empress Place Museum, Singapore

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • 2013    Society Annual Art Exhibition
  • 2013    Asean Art Exhibition in South Thailand
  • 2013    Nepal Scenery Art Exhibition – Singapore Society Group Exhibition
  • 2013    NAFA Club Art Exhibition
  • 2013    Singapore Chinses Cultural Festival Grand Art Exhibition
  • 2013    “137km North of the Equator: A Story of the Equator Art Society and Realist 2013Artists in Singapore” Exhibition
  • 2012    NAFA Club Art Exhibition
  • 2012    Singapore, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Chinese Joint Art Exhibition
  • 2012    5th Beijing International Art Biennale, National Art Museum of China, Beijing
  • 2012    Singapore Art Society Taiwan Tour Exhibition
  • 2012    Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Alumni Exhibition
  • 2012    Singapore Art Society Art Exhibitiom
  • 2011    The 14th Xihu Art Expo, Hangzhou, China
  • 2011    Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Alumni Association Exhibition
  • 2011    The 5th Exhibition of New Expression of Asian Art
  • 2011    Nafa Club Art Exhibition
  • 2011    Singapore Art Society Art Exhibition
  • 2010    Singapore Chinese Cultural Festival Art Exhibition
  • 2009    The call of Tradition Singapore Art Show
  • 2009    NAFA Alumni Association Singapore Arts Exhibition Singapore Art Society Annual Exhibition
  • 2009    12 Singaporean Artists Exhibition, Siam Art Museum, Thailand
  • 2009    New Expression of Asian Art Exhibition, Penang, Kualar Lumpur, Taiwan
  • 2008    China Teochew Arts Exhibition
  • 2008    NAFA Art Exhibition, Singapore
  • 2008    Singapore Art society Art Exhibition
  • 2008    Ngee Ann Art Exhibition, Singapore
  • 2008    Olympic Fine Arts Exhibition, Beijing, China
  • 2008    Nanyang after 70 years – A reunion of Artists at the Academy
  • 2007    NAFA Alumni Association Art Exhibition Malaysia Annual Exhibition, Soka Gakkai, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • 2007    Hong Kong China Art Exhibition
  • 2007    20 Artists’ Singapore Art Exhibition, Art on the Beach, Burapa University
  • 2007    NAFA Alumni Association Art Exhibition, Ngee Ann Art Centre, Singapore
  • 2006    Singapore Art, Shanghai Art Fair 2006, China
  • 2006    Errata 1955 (koeh Sia Yong) Exhibition Singapore History Museum
  • 2006    Important Second – Generation Artist Exhibitions Siam Art Museum, Thailand
  • 2006    Singapore Artist Exhibitions, Siam Art Museum, Thailand
  • 2006    Ngee Ann 3D Art Exhibition, Singapore
  • 2006    The 3rd Exhibition of New Expression of Asian Art, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • 2005    A Heroic Decade: Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
  • 2005    Ngee Ann Art Exhibition, Singapore
  • 2005    Together We Beautify, Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Hall, Singapore
  • 2005    Soaring to New Frontiers Art Exhibition, NAFA Gallery, Singapore
  • 2004    New Expression of Asian Art Exhibition, Tainan City Taiwan Singapore Art
  • 2004    Society Annual Art exhibition
  • 2004    Mekong River Art Exhibition, Laos
  • 2004    Nanking China Art Exhibition
  • 2004    Nude Art Exhibition FASS Singapore
  • 2003    Nanyang 1950-65 Passage to Singapore, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan
  • 2003    Korea Art Exhibition, Korea
  • 2003    Guangzhou Art Fair,China
  • 2003    NAFA Alumni Art Exhibition, Singapore
  • 2003    Beijing Art Fair, China
  • 2002    Korea Asia Art Exhibition
  • 2002    The 28th Annual Art Exhibition, NAFA Alumni Association, Singapore
  • 2001    Balinese Dancer Art Exhibition, Bali
  • 2000    Asia Arts Exhibition Japan Koto
  • 2000    Singapore FASS Art Exhibition
  • 2000    China Landscape Art Exhibition, Tunxi, China
  • 1999    6-man Exhibition, Eagles’s Dream, Singapore
  • 1996    President’s Charity Art Exhibition, Revenue House Atrium, Singapore
  • 1994    The Art of Figures, Federation of Art Societies, Singapore
  • 1993    Exhibition for Mother of Artists, Singapore
  • 1992    Contemporary Singapore Art, Hong Kong
  • 1987-1992       IBM Art Award Exhibition, Singapore
  • 1986/ 1990/ 1991/ 1993          Nanyang Academy of FineArts Alumni member’s exhibition
  • 1985    UOB Painting of the Year, Singapore
  • 1977    Singapore Modern Art Society Member’s exhibition
  • 1973    Fishermen of the East Coast of Malaysia, at Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • 1970-1985       National Day Art Exhibition, Singapore
  • 1965-1968       Equator Art Society members’ exhibition at the Singapore Chamber of Commerce

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