Mari Kim

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Mari Kim was born in South Korea 1977, and obtained a Master’s Degree in Creative media, at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, where she lived for ten years. Now based in her hometown of Seoul, Mari Kim works as Professor of Digital Media at the Catholic University, South Korea, alongside her art practice. Mari Kim’s wide-eyed, pretty, porcelaneous characters, known as ‘Eyedolls’, pay service to Japanese manga and anime culture. Often direct representations of well known political and historical figures, super heroes, or fairy tale characters, they are instantly recognisable icons that have been popularised by Western media.



  • 2014: Synchronicity, Shine Artists Gallery, London
  • 2014: Famous Show in Berlin, JR Gallery, Berlin
  • 2014: Famous Eyedoll, AP Contemporary Gallery, Hong Kong
  • 2013: The Premiere U.S. solo exhibition of Korean artist Mari Kim, Art Aqua Art Miami, Miami
  • 2013: Famous Show, LCX, Hong Kong
  • 2012: Famous Show, Opera Gallery, Dubai
  • 2012: Famous Show, Gana Art Gallery, Busan
  • 2012: Famous Show, Gana Art Gallery, Seoul
  • 2011: Child Play, Television 12 Gallery, Seoul
  • 2011: Eyedoll, Gallery D Cube, Seoul
  • 2010:  A story about Anderson, Seo Kang University Mary Hall, Seoul
  • 2010: Big Head Show Dae Gu, The Omni show room, Dae Gu
  • 2009: Eyedoll, LVS Gallery, Seoul
  • 2008: Ssamzie Illu-pop Gallery, Seoul

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