Miao Yuan Yang

Miao Yuan Yang

Miao Yuanyang is born in 1975.

He graduated from the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts bachelor’s degree in 2006 graduated from the Sichuan Conservatory of Music in Chengdu Academy of Fine Arts master’s degree in Yuxi, Yunnan Normal University, Associate Professor of Fine Arts Artists Association

Selected Exhibitions:

  • (1999) Painting “chess” to participate in the fifth Yunnan Sports Art Exhibition
  • (1999) Oil Painting “Still Life” Still Life Portrait of Yunnan Province to participate in exhibition
  • (2000) “Yunnan Province, the 50th anniversary of the painting exhibition” Yunnan Art Museum
  • (2001) Painting “happy life” to participate in the first session of the “Love China” National Oil
    Painting Exhibition Excellence Award
  • (2001) Oil Painting “Landscape Series Three” to participate in “research and across the” China Oil Painting Exhibition slightly (China Artists Association)
  • (2002) Painting “Sunflowers” to mark Mao Zedong in Yan’an forum “speech” Art Exhibition (China Artists Association)
  • (2002) Prints “Homeward Bound. Youth “to participate in the Sixteenth National Print Exhibition China Artists Association)
  • (2003) Painting “day” to participate in the Third Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition (China Artists Association)
  • (2005) Painting “donkey series” attend “posthuman Report”: Kawaoto Academy Graduate Exhibition Painting “hold sheep” and participate in “visual stunning” (2005) Shanghai Youth Art Exhibition
  • (2006) Painting “hamburger series” hamburger participate in “April” Nanjing – Chengdu cutting-edge painters Exhibition
  • (2006) Painting “big head” series to attend the first “New Power China” Contemporary Art Biennial
  • (2007) Painting “big head series” attend “New Power • China”: Artist Title Exhibition
  • (2007) Painting “is melting cake with candles” to participate in China Mosaic Contemporary Art Painting “kept expanding in the joy of spray series” to participate in “Carnival of the Animals” – Invitation Exhibition of Chinese Young Artists
  • (2007) Painting “Yang Taikang off life” to participate in “Spirit” national portrait oil painting ex hibition (China Artists Association)
  • (2007) Painting “donkey infested landscape” to participate in the first session of landscape
    style National Oil Painting Exhibition (China Artists Association)
  • (2007) Paintings “have a big head – and the ambush” to participate in “Art Beijing” 2007 • Contemporary Art Fair


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