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Oh Chai Hoo

Born in 1960 in Singapore, Oh Chai Hoo received his art education from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore in 1982. As an award-winning Singaporean artist, Oh has carved out a reputation for making art that is quietly contemplative and timeless over the span of his 30-year career. Being an active member of the Singapore arts scene, Oh was one of the founders of the Nanyang Clay Group, as well as having been its Chairman for two terms. Oh also has been a committee member of the Sculpture Society of Singapore, and is still a committee member of the Siaw-Tao Chinese Seal-Carving, Calligraphy & Painting Society and an active member of the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts alumni.

Other than having a vast range of public and private collections all around the world, Oh Chai Hoo has also been showcased as a representative of Singapore artists on several occasions when his works are procured as gifts by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the ministers’ official visits to other countries. His works have been notably presented to His Excellency Mohammed Hosni Mubarak, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and the US Congress, among many others.

Oh Chai Hoo’s various series show an artist with deep passion in bringing his notions to life. His notions are to establish a balance in life through exploring a wide range of medium and styles as a means to achieve greater self-expression. His unique style exists in his powerful fusion of Eastern and Western traditions. These elements have come together in an artistic way that merges traditional Chinese calligraphy and ancient philosophies with contemporary practices and interpretation. Oh has also developed a unique approach of juxtaposing modern techniques and methods, by reinterpreting the brushstroke and manipulating the texture of the materials he’s working with, creating strong three-dimensional effects with a timeless wisdom and sentiment. He first came into contact with ceramics more than 15 years ago, and has since self-learnt all the techniques he employs, and is still constantly honing his craft.

Solo exhibition

  • 2014: Tropical Zen Garden, Esplanade, Singapore
  • 2013: Silent Conversation – Utterly Art, Singapore
  • 2006: Xin Deng – Light of the heart, Art Folio, Singapore
  • 2004: Xin Ji – Impressions From the Heart, Artfolio, Singapore
  • 2003: Mu – Wood, Galleri Stockhard, Finland
  • 2001: Ru Shi – As it is…, Artfolio SPACE, Singapore
  • 2000: Eastern Grandeur, American Club, Singapore
  • 1999: Nonentity existence, Artfolio Gallery, Singapore
  • 1998: Yi Qi Yi Hui – Solo Reiterate, Artfolio SPACE, Singapore

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • 2013: Season’s Interpretation – 2-men show, Singapore
  • 2013: Siaw-Tao Annual Art Exhibition, Singapore
  • 2013: Singapore Sculpture Society, Woodcarving Symposium
  • 2013: Nanyang Clay Group Ceramic Exhibition, Singapore
  • 2012: “Ink (mo)”, Esplanade,Singapore
  • 2011: Siaw-Tao Annual Art Exhibition, Singapore
  • 2011: Modern Creative Calligraphy Exhibition, Singapore
  • 2011: Singapore Sculpture Society 10th Anniversary Exhibition
  • 2011: Nanyang Clay Group Ceramic Exhibition, Singapore
  • 2010: Singapore Sculpture Society Exhibition
  • 2010: Siaw-Tao 40th Anniversary Art Exhibition, Singapore
  • 2009: Home, Artfolio Singapore
  • 2009: Nanyang Clay Group Ceramic Exhibition
  • 2008: Fresh! Addition, Artfolio, Singapore
  • 2006: Summer Soiree, Artfolio, Singapore
  • 2006: First, The American Club, Singapore
  • 2006: Sculpture Society (Singapore) Exhibition, Esplanade, Singapore
  • 2006: 3rd Singapore Seal Engraving Art Exhibition, Paragon, Singapore
  • 2005: Modern Calligraphy Exhibition (Travelling Exhibition), China
  • 2004: Wan – Bowl, National Library, Singapore
  • 2004: The Sixth Face, MICA Building, Singapore
  • 2004: Tapestry, The AmericanClub, Singapore
  • 2004: Seal Carving Exhibition, Singapore
  • 2003: Modern Calligraphy Exhibition (Travelling Exhibition), China
  • 2003: GAM Art Exhibition (ceramic), Toyota City Art Museum, Japan
  • 2003: Seal Carving Exhibition, Singapore
  • 2002: Tao Ren Wu Yu – Clay Speaks, 1st Asian Ceramic Exhibition, Nanyang Clay Group, Singapore
  • 1999: San, Exhibition by Singaporean Artists, King’s Road Gallery, London, UK
  • 1998: V’Spartio (Travelling Exhibition) at Asian and Pacific VSA Festival in Osaka ’99, Osaka, Japan
  • 1998: V’Spartio (Travelling Exhibition), Artfolio SPACE, Singapore
  • 1998: Creative Calligraphy Exhibition ’99, Singapore
  • 1996: Siaw-Tao Art Exhibition, Shantou, China
  • 1995: International Watercolour Exhibition, Taiwan
  • 1994: Singapore Artist Speak Volume 2 Exhibition, Singapore
  • 1993: Siaw-Tao Art Exhibition, Shanghai, Hangzhou
  • 1992: International Watercolour Exhibition, Korea and Taiwan
  • 1991: The Grand Discovery Art Exhibition, Singapore
  • 1991: International Watercolour Exhibition, Korea and Taiwan
  • 1989: Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Lecturer Art Exhibition
  • 1987: IBM Art Award Exhibition, Singapore
  • 1987: National Museum Centenary Art Exhibition, Singapore
  • 1987: Tan Tze Chor Award Exhibition, Singapore
  • 1986: “Not The Singapore River” Art Exhibition, Port of Singapore Authority
  • 1986:Artist Encouragement Scheme, Arbour Fine Art, Singapore
  • 1986:Chong Boon Painting of the Year Exhibition, Singapore
  • 1986:Shell Discovery Art Exhibition, Singapore
  • 1986:Tan Tze Chor Award Exhibition, Singapore
  • 1981: Two-Man Show, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore





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