Sudjono Abdullah


SUDJONO ABDULLAH (Javanese, 1911-1993).

Sudjono Abdullah was born in Yogyakarta on August 31, 1911. He came from a family of artists, including his landscape artist father Abdullah Suriosubroto (1878-1941), a brother Basoeki, and a sculptor sister, Tridjata. Abdullah’s father gave his son early artistic training, including instruction in Barbizon style panoramic painting.

He left Yogyakarta and moved to Salatiga, where the endured the difficult era of the Japanese occupation of Parangtritis. After working in advertising, he developed as a fine artist. Abdullah went on to become well known for his genre scenes of Javanese life and culture, and also for his romaticized landscapes. He died in July 1993 in Kertosono, a small town in East Java.

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