Thanh Chuong

Thanh Chuong

Thanh Chuong 

Nguyen Thanh Chuong, born 1949 in the Red River Delta of Bac Ninh, began painting at a tender age of six. In 1960, he enrolled to study fine art at the Hanoi Fine Arts College.

From an early age, Thanh Chuong has taken inspiration from the works of Picasso and Matisse, and through the passage of experimenting and creating, Thanh Chuong found a personal artistic language – one that exploits cubism to showcase the affinity between modern art’s simplification and the beauty of Vietnamese traditions. This highly sophisticated style has become a brand name called Thanh Chuong, and today, is a symbol of contemporary Vietnam.

Thanh Chuong focuses his works on the folksy simplicity of rural activities, spirit of children’s songs, colours of cheerful village festivals and the relationships within the family. He mainly relies on lines and shapes to create these images, and indulges immensely on bright, high contrasting and decorative primary colours to accentuate the beauty of Vietnamese folk culture.

Thanh Chuong’s oil and lacquer paintings have won many accolades and recognition from peers and art collectors all over the year. But the highest recognition for him came in the year 2000 when the United Nations chose one of his painting as the symbol for the occasion of the International Year of Volunteers, and subsequently issued a set of stamps bearing this image.

Since 1974, Thanh Chuong has held exhibitions both in Vietnam and overseas, and to date, he has showcased his artwork in Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, USA, UK, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy.



  • 1973. The third prize of Ha Noi Art paintings Exhibition
  • 1974. Exhibition of Illustration for publication in Ha Noi     Prize of International Graphics in Czechoslovakia (copper medal)
  • 1975. Fine Art Exhibition in Ha Noi
  • 1976.Fine Art Exhibition in Ha Noi
  • 1977. Won the Van Nghe Weekly
  • 1978. National Fine Art Exhibition
  • 1979. Ha Noi painting group exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City
  • 1980. Ha Noi Painting Group Exhibition at HaNoi Fine Art Museum
  • 1981. Painting Exhibition in China
  • 1981. Painting Exhibition at Asian Art painting in HonKong
  • 1995. Individual paintings Exibition at Red River Gallery in HaNoi
  • 1995. Exibition of Viet Nam Contemporary Art Royal College of Art in  London , England
  • 1995. Exibition of VietNam open in Copenhage , Denmark
  • 1995. Exhibition of painting in Yokohama, Japan
  • 1996. Paintings Exhibition in Seul,Korea
  • 1996. Exhibition of Ha Noi painting at the central of Introduction and change for Art in Ha Noi
  • 1996. Ten’s Hanoi Artist – Nam Son Gallery
  • 1997. A moment from Ha Noi –Duc Minh gallery – Ho Chi Minh
  • 1997. The changing face of Ha Noi – Hongkong
  • 1997. Viet Nam Selection- Nam Son gallery- HA Noi
  • 1997. Aspiration- Daewoo & Nam Son Gallery – Ha Noi
  • 1997. Thanh Chuong’s painting – Viet Nam Gallery- Ho Chi Minh   Gallery
  • 1997. Vietnamese Sensibility, Hien Minh Gallery & Soobin Art Gallery,  Singapore
  • 1997. Golden painbrush, Faber Foundation , Castel, Ho Chi Minh city
  • 1997. Nostalgia, Sofitel-Metropole & Red River Gallery- Ha Noi
  • 1997. De schilderkunst Viet Nam – Christie’s – Neitherland
  • 1997. De la Sein au Fleuve Rough- Nam Son Gallery- HA Noi
  • 1997. A new morning – HA Noi Fine Art College
  • 1998. With heart & Soul & Mind – New World Art Centre (So Ho) –  New York – USA
  • 1998. Visions from Ha Noi- Ho Chi Minh City
  • 1998. Vietnamese Sensibility, Germany
  • 1998. Visions from Viet Nam – Prudential’s Collection
  • 1998. 5 Contemporary Vietnamese Painters- Vinh Loi Gallery- Ho Chi  Minh City
  • 1999. A Celebration of life – London, England
  • 1999. Exhibition of International – Korea
  • 1999. The color of Viet Nam – New World Hotel & Gallery Vinh Loi –  Ho Chi Minh City
  • 1999. The 4th Vietnamese  Contemporary Art Exhibition – Gallery Art U  – Osaka – Japan

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