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Xue Song

Xue Song was born in the 1965 of Anhui, Anhui Province. Xue Song began his initial experiments with collage after being inspired by an encounter with works by Robert Rauschenberg. Still, he struggled to find his artistic voice, explaining, “I wanted to break Chinese tradition and surpass western modernism. It is easy to say, but very difficult to realize.” In a twist of fate, his Pop art-meets-classical style began to crystallize after a fire burned down his studio, leading Xue to incorporate charred remnants of past work, books, and other belongings. He became known for colorful collages referencing political and popular icons and Chinese and Western art history, with burnt debris serving as a constant reminder of the past. Additionally, he picked up painting and experimented with styles ranging from traditional landscapes to Pop art. Through his series “Conversations with the Masters,” he engaged with the likes of Piet Mondrian, Pablo Picasso, Qi Baishi, and Xu Beihong.

Solo Exhibitions:

  • (1996) Xue Song Solo Exhibition, Shanghai Art Museum Shanghai, China.
  • (2001) Xue Song Solo Show, Chinese Contemporary Art Gallery, London, UK.
  • (2006) Xue Song, Bldg 4, G/F, Moganshan Rd 50, Shanghai (Solo)
  • (2006) Xue Song Solo Exhibition, Dimensions Art Centre, Beijing, China.
  • (2007) Dimensions Art Center Beijing (Solo)
  • (2007) Xue Song Solo Exhibition, Chen Ling Hui Contemporary Space, Beijing.
  • (2008) Chinese Contemporary Gallery New York (Solo)
  • (2008) Xue Song: A Tale of Modern Time, Kwai Fung Hin, Hong Kong (Solo)
  • (2009) Xue Song Solo Exhibition, ShanghART at Huaihai Rd 796, Shanghai (Solo)
  • (2009) Looking Back: Deconstruction Classics-Xue Song Portfolio, 3rd Floor of Shanghai Art museum, Shanghai (Solo)
  • (2010) Fashion or History (solo show) – The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo, Japan.


  • (1992) Paintings by Xue Song, British Embassy Beijing, China.
  • (1994) Annual Exhibition, Huadong Teachers’ University.
  • (1996) CHINA! , Kunstmuseum Bonn, Germany.
  • (1996) Beijing International Art Exhibition, National Art Museum Beijing, China.
  • (1997) Gallery IIse Lommel Leverkussen, Germany.
  • (1998) Green Dog & Masters, Chinese Contemporary London, England.
  • (1999) Liberation, Chinese Contemporary London, England.
  • (1999) Towards Materialism and that Sort of Beauty, Shanghai Youth Art Exhibition Huadong Teacher’s College Gallery; Shanghai, China.
  • (1999) Xue Song, Chinese Contemporary London, England.
  • (2000) Shanghai 2000, Walsh Gallery Chicago, USA.
  • (2000) Transcending Boundaries, MSU Art Gallery Montclair State University, USA.
  • (2000) Standing on the Shoulder of Giants, ShanghART Shanghai.
  • (2001) Xue Song, Galerie du Monde, Hong Kong.
  • (2002) Ver Da Ga – Xue Song 2002 Fashion Series, ShanghArt Gallery, Shanghai, China.
  • (2002) Paris-Pekin, Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris, France.
  • (2002) Chinart, Museum Kuppersmuhle Sammlung Grothe, Germany and Museo Arts Contemporanea di Roma, Italy.
  • (2003) Xue Song, Walsh Gallery, Chicago, USA.
  • (2003) Xue Song, Gallery du Monde, Hong Kong.
  • (2003) Xue Song, New Works, The Scenery and Fashion of Today, ShanghArt Gallery, Shanghai, China.
  • (2005) In their 40’s, ShanghART H-Space, Shanghai, China.
  • (2005) Mahjong –Contemporary Chinese Art from the Sigg Collection, Kunstmuseum Bern, Bern, Switzerland.
  • (2007) Chinese Contemporary SOCART The State Tretyakov Gallery Moscow.
  • (2007) Aired, ShanghART Gallery, Shanghai.
  • (2008) Blackbridge 08’ Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hall B Art Gallery Blackbridge, Beijing.
  • (2008) UWANTART: The New Signature in Art-Special Inaugural Exhibition.
  • Volume Two, UWANTART, 800 the Art Zone 303-305, Wujiaochang 800 E Guoshun Lu, Yangpu, Shanghai.
  • (2008) The World of Other’s: A Contemporary Art Exhibition, museum of Contemportary Art, Shanghai.
  • (2008) Opuscule – ShanghART Group Exhibition, ShanghART H-Space, Shanghai.
  • (2008) Hypallage: The Post-Modern Mode of Chinese Contemporary Art, The OCT Art & Design Gallery, Shenzhen.
  • (2009) Fan Ceremony, Works on Paper, Yard Gallery.
  • (2009) L.A. Art Show, Timothy Yarger Fine Art + YARGER | STRAUSS Contemporary, Beverly Hills, CA.
  • (2009) Shanghai Art Fair – ShanghART Booth: EAF 20-21-30, Art Fairs ShanghaiMART
  • (2009) On Paper-Group Show of ShanghART Artists, ShanghART at Huaihai Rd 796, Shanghai.
  • (2009) ShanghART Summer Exhibition, ShanghART Gallery, Shanghai.
  • (2009) ShanghART H-Space, Shanghai
  • (2009) Beyond Words, Yan Club Arts Center, Beijing.
  • (2009) ShanghART Group Show, ShanghART Gallery, Shanghai.
  • (2009) CIGE 2009 – Booth Nr: A8, Art Fairs China World Trade Centre Exhibition Hall, Beijing.
  • (2011) “Piercing Through History and The Fashions – A Retrospective from 1988 to 2011”, organized by Shanghai Art Museum and co-organized by Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery of Hong Kong, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China.


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