Yu Mei Juan


Yu Mei Juan

Yu Meijuan, Born in Ziyang, Sichuan, China. Years of passing in the flowing of time, in a time of looking back in, precipitating the memory a kind of fresh, blooming after a kind of tremendous beauty. Real emotional cemented a new culture reflections, and about people, about the war and the multi-ethnic considerations.



  • (2008) 3rd Songzhuang Art Festival Exhibition, Songzhuang China.
  • (2008) 8th Contemporary Art Exhibition, Songzhuang, Beijing.
  • (2009) International Contemporary Art Exhibition, 798ART Zone Beijing.
  • (2009) “Love-Hope” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Netherlands.
  • (2009) “Cao chang di 300 Gallery” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing.
  • (2009) “Red T” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing.
  • (2010) Contemporary Woman Art Exhibition, Sunshine Art Museum, Songzhuang, Beijing, China.
  • (2010) Beijing Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing, China.
  • (2012) Young Artists Exhibition by Beijing Times Art Museum, Beijing, China.
  • (2012) Guangzhou – Shenzhen Contemporary Art Exhibition, China.
  • (2012) AAB Spring Art Tour by Langham Art Place, Beijing, China.
  • (2013) 20th Anniversary Collective Exhibition of China Songzhuang Artists, China.
  • (2013) “Beijing Mini Art Exhibition”, Nine Museum, Beijing, China.
  • (2013) “North Temple Plan”, Exhibition of Contemporary Art Beijing, China.
  • (2013) 8th Songzhuang Art Festival Exhibition, China.
  • (2014) Micro Art Fair, Nine Layers Galleries.
  • (2014) The First Micro-Works Exhibition, The Museum of Fine Arts.


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